Our company is the official distributor of advanced manufacturers of prefabricated IPTVs, such as Infomir, TVIP, Formuler and Technomate

The devices we offer are an advanced product of the highest quality with modern software and advanced design.

 IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) - digital interactive television in the networks of data transmission over the IP-protocol. IPTV equipment (set-top-box) allows you to output video and audio to the TV and audio system in excellent quality. With the help of the IPTV service, you can manage your TV on your own. When connected to IPTV, the subscriber can receive a number of interactive services, such as: video on demand (VoD), online games, Internet surfing (Web), video telephony, IP video surveillance, network personal video recorder (NPVR), "virtual cinema ", Time Shifted TV, electronic TV guide (EPG), etc. The proposed IPTV set-top boxes are compatible with Middleware of the majority of the world's Internet providers providing IPTV service.